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A Full-Service Marine Facility In Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Lauderdale Marine Center is the largest yacht repair facility in the United States. Our premier, all-inclusive, 50-acre complex will meet the needs of even the world’s most discerning yachtsmen, captains, and crew.

World Class Boat Repair Facility

Captains are in command at the Lauderdale Marine Center. You can choose from the many qualified on-site contractors offering competitive rates, or you are free to bring in your own licensed contractors. You call the shots.

We can handle vessels up to 210 feet and haul boats up to 330 metric tons. Repair, haul, or store as many boats as you want. There’s rarely any wait. Contact us or call (954) 713-0333 for more information.

Hurricane Protection

Lauderdale Marine Center is situated four miles up the New River, protected by natural and man made barriers, and outfitted with floating dockage. We are the Florida marina that can best store and protect your cherished vessel, even in the worst of weather.

Marina Design and floating docks are provided by Eastern Floatation Systems, utilizing their patented ProFloat floating concrete pier system.

Country Club Feel In A Boat Yard Environment

Relax in our luxurious Captain’s Lounge, use our full-service marina facilities, or get work done in our office complex.