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Lauderdale Marina

Fort Lauderdale Draw Bridge Opening Information

Fort Lauderdale Draw Bridge Openings

All Bridges Monitor VHF 9 : Lauderdale Marine Center does not operate these bridges. Please call the numbers below to verify times.

17th Street Causeway Bridge (Port Evergaldes): 954-524-7783

New River to Lauderdale Marine Center

S.E. 3rd Avenue Bridge – New River: 954-765-4080

Andrews Avenue Bridge – New River: 954-765-4033

Marshall Bridge / 7th Avenue – New River: 954-765-4081

Take South Fork of New River (Left)
Davie Boulevard Bridge – New River: 954-523-6701

North Fork New River

11th Avenue Bridge (Swing Bridge) – New River: 954-761-5437

North Intercoastal Bridges

Las Olas Boulevard Bridge: 954-463-0842

Sunrise Boulevard Bridge: 954-564-6986

Oakland Park Boulevard Bridge: 954-566-3711

Commercial Boulevard Bridge: 954-772-3987


*All bridges will open for vessels under tow at anytime. Remember to obey the law and avoid unnecessary bridge openings by lowering antennas and outriggers.


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Ft Lauderdale Drawbridge Times


"The excellent reputation they enjoy is well deserved. The yard has the newest and best equipment, the cleanest facility and very fair prices, all of which makes Lauderdale Marine Center my choice for a haul out every time."

-Roger Moore, Yacht Owner


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