Fort Lauderdale Draw Bridge Openings

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Fort Lauderdale Draw Bridge Openings

All Bridges Monitor VHF 9 : Lauderdale Marine Center does not operate these bridges. Please call the numbers below to verify times.

17th Street Causeway Bridge (Port Everglades): 954-524-7783

New River to Lauderdale Marine Center

S.E. 3rd Avenue Bridge – New River: 954-765-4080

Andrews Avenue Bridge – New River: 954-765-4033

Marshall Bridge / 7th Avenue – New River: 954-765-4081

Take South Fork of New River (Left)

Davie Boulevard Bridge – New River: 954-523-6701

North Fork New River

11th Avenue Bridge (Swing Bridge) – New River: 954-761-5437

North Intercoastal Bridges

Las Olas Boulevard Bridge: 954-463-0842

Sunrise Boulevard Bridge: 954-564-6986

Oakland Park Boulevard Bridge: 954-566-3711

Commercial Boulevard Bridge: 954-772-3987

*All bridges will open for vessels under tow at anytime. Remember to obey the law and avoid unnecessary bridge openings by lowering antennas and outriggers.