Month: February 2018

M/Y Cheers 46 ‘showing’ at LMC

While two boat shows and hundreds of yachts are on display in and around Miami Beach this weekend, one charter yacht that has been a staple at recent shows is docked in Fort Lauderdale, still available for show and sale.

M/Y Cheers 46, a 140-foot Benetti, couldn’t qualify for a boat show bond to attend the Miami Yacht Show this year because of a timing discrepancy, so Capt. Kelly Esser decided to take advantage of a foreign trade zone slip at Lauderdale Marine Center. That slip enables the foreign-flagged yacht to be shown to anyone — including Americans — for sale or charter. A sale could even happen on site (though not on the aft deck for technical reasons), eliminating the need to head into international waters.

“This just gave us the benefit of being available for the show,” Capt. Esser said, “as well as being able to get ready for multiple trailers back to back.”

The yacht paid for a month of dockage — dockage it was paying anyway to prep for its upcoming charter season — as well as a foreign trade zone bond, which works out to a few thousand dollars for a $15 million boat.

Cheers 46 will leave South Florida next week for a charter in the Bahamas, and being in Fort Lauderdale instead of the boat show enabled the crew to continue provisioning and prepping for the journey, making the upcoming charter a bit less stressful, Capt. Esser said.

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Partner Spotlight: DYT

DYT Yacht Transport, formerly known as Dockwise Yacht Transport, is considered the pioneer in yacht transport since 1987. Using semi-submersible vessels to ensure the safest method of loading and unloading and never having to crane the yacht onto the deck.

This unique feature (we sink our vessels on purpose) in combination with a dedicated scheduled service throughout the year to cruising grounds in the most desired areas, has been key to the success of our services.

Reliability of schedule and as owners and operators of our own vessels, we are able to maintain a schedule far in advance, catering to meet with the various event dates of the most popular yachting venues. Whether you need to catch a Boatshow, Cannes Film Festival of Monaco Grand Prix, we are your reliable choice.

We pride ourselves in personalized service and guide you throughout the process of booking, transport to a safe discharge in your destination of choice. Our team members are well trained in all aspects of the shipping process and can answer any question you may have.

It is our true pleasure to team up with local industry leaders such as LMC, supporting community and most of all awareness of the many aspects of yachting services offered by reputable companies in South Florida.

DYT team members look forward mingling on February 22 at the grand LMC location.

If you like to learn more, please check our website or call our office at 954 525 8707