The Largest Yacht Repair Facility In The Country

Lauderdale Marine Center is a one-stop service and refit destination for vessels ranging from 40’ to 200’ LOA with in-water and out-of-water slips. We have over 60 world-class contractors on-site who employ the finest professional marine craftsmen in Florida.

Our on-site contractors can be trusted with your most complex service or repair projects and have experience working on a diverse range of services from hydraulics to electronics. Experience the benefit of competitive pricing and uncompromised quality in a clean and customer friendly environment. There are no middlemen here; you may contact any of our certified contractors directly to discuss your yacht service requirements.

Our Facilities and Amenities

LMC is the largest yacht repair facility in the US, and is designed to comfortably accommodate boats of all sizes – from small boats to mega yachts. You may browse our website for more information, or simply give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you find the appropriate space for your vessel.

In addition to our excellent docking facilities, we offer a number of amenities designed to ensure your stay is pleasant and conducive to meeting your objectives. These include 24-hour staffed security, generous parking, a crew lounge, etc.

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Hurricane-Safe Dockage

In the event of extreme weather, LMC is considered one of the best hurricane holes in the state of Florida – our location, which is 4 miles up the New River, provides both natural and manmade protection from swell and surge. With our premium location and well-crafted floating docks, we can assure the safety of your yacht in the most severe conditions here in South Florida.

Florida Clean Marina

Lauderdale Marine Center is committed to maintaining the health of the marine environment that surrounds us and both our caution and care have earned us the title of Clean Marina by the State of Florida. We have several practices in place to ensure our facilities are clean while also assuring that there is no marine environment disruption. These proven marine practices include: storm water control, Haz-Mat management plan, recycling program, petroleum spill recovery plan, pump-out hook-ups all designed to preserve the state of Florida’s natural resources for future generations.

If you want to learn more about Lauderdale Marine Center, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

The State of Florida has designated Lauderdale Marine Center as a Southeast District clean marina.