LMC Haul, Block, Launch and Marina Services

Look to us for all your marina needs, with an emphasis on care and safety. When arriving by vessel, the first face you’ll see at LMC is one of our Marina staff. They’ll be there to get you tucked into your slip and situated with everything you need to begin your stay. And, when it’s time for your vessel to come out of the water for service, team members on our 75-,100-, 145-, 220-, or 485-ton teams will be there to help. For hauls, they’ll get the vessel up out of the water, power washed, and onto stands efficiently while keeping your vessel safe.

LMC Bottom Coatings Division

The LMC Coatings Division is led by a Certified Coatings Inspector from the SSPC (Society of Protective Coating), this team perseveres through it all and does an exceptional job applying all types of antifouling systems to vessels.

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