Find Everything You Need

There’s no better place for your repair and refit needs than Lauderdale Marine Center.

Our unique marketplace model incorporates over 20 class-certified on-site contractors and more than 200 authorized off-site contractors, representing all primary shipyard trades, who have been vetted through rigorous certification. With all of these on and off-site options, you’ve got a shipyard designed to give you complete control of your yacht and her needs.

Total Project Control

These are just some of the ways that LMC presents the perfect option for any project:

  • Over 20 premier on-site contractors
  • Lifting capacity to 485 tons
  • More than 200 additional authorized off-site contractors
  • No hidden fees or markups
  • All primary shipyard trades on-site, set to meet any project demands
  • Unparalleled choice in service