Partner Spotlight: DYT

DYT Yacht Transport, formerly known as Dockwise Yacht Transport, is considered the pioneer in yacht transport since 1987. Using semi-submersible vessels to ensure the safest method of loading and unloading and never having to crane the yacht onto the deck.

This unique feature (we sink our vessels on purpose) in combination with a dedicated scheduled service throughout the year to cruising grounds in the most desired areas, has been key to the success of our services.

Reliability of schedule and as owners and operators of our own vessels, we are able to maintain a schedule far in advance, catering to meet with the various event dates of the most popular yachting venues. Whether you need to catch a Boatshow, Cannes Film Festival of Monaco Grand Prix, we are your reliable choice.

We pride ourselves in personalized service and guide you throughout the process of booking, transport to a safe discharge in your destination of choice. Our team members are well trained in all aspects of the shipping process and can answer any question you may have.

It is our true pleasure to team up with local industry leaders such as LMC, supporting community and most of all awareness of the many aspects of yachting services offered by reputable companies in South Florida.

DYT team members look forward mingling on February 22 at the grand LMC location.

If you like to learn more, please check our website or call our office at 954 525 8707

Tenant Partner Spotlight: Engineered Yacht Solutions

At Lauderdale Marine Center, we place an emphasis on making sure the tenants we have on-site are the best in the business, consistently performing above standard for our shared customers. The fall is the busiest time of year for everyone at LMC, and on-site tenant Engineered Yacht Solutions was no exception. EYS specializes in welding, fabrication, pipe fitting, and plumbing and has been involved in some of the shipyard’s largest projects. EYS has been at LMC since 2015 and continues to prove their excellence time and time again.

In early November, EYS was working on two large projects that had their team fully occupied.  Bad Company, a 150’ Trinity had been in the yard for close to 18 months for major overhauls that included the replacement of 300 square feet of hull plate, the removal and reinstallation of main engines, generators, gyro stabilizers, gear boxes, and fire main. The vessel was also being fitted with custom stainless-steel rod holders and brand-new aluminum sea chest standpipes and crossover piping. Additionally, the team was working through a rush project on Helios II, a 167’ Palmer Johnson. Helios II is a Lloyd’s Register vessel that required a strut bearing cover replacement using materials that could only be ordered from a Lloyd’s certified vendor in New Orleans. Since having the parts delivered in the short timeframe was not a feasible option, the in-house engineer from EYS personally flew to New Orleans to retrieve the material. He designed a blueprint for the part, got it approved by Lloyd’s, and it was built and installed in-house.

With both projects in the works, another vessel came into the picture with a seemingly impossible deadline. My Seanna, a 185’ Delta, had been at LMC since early October for her 15-year survey. A heavily chartered vessel, her repairs and maintenance were scheduled to be completed so that the vessel could travel to Antigua for the start of her charter season. Upon starting the planned maintenance, additional issues arose turning the routine job into a major project with a strict deadline. Given normal circumstances, the work required on My Seanna would take at least 30 days, but EYS was given just 15 days to complete the work before the vessel needed to depart for the Antigua Charter Show. The EYS team burst into action replacing around 100 square feet of hull plate, the majority of an integral storage tank, both main exhaust trunks, and the sea chest standpipes and crossover pipe, all the while completing work on Bad Company and Helios II.

Although the plan seemed unrealistic at first, each passing day proved more and more that team at EYS had the skills to make it happen. They worked weekends and around the clock to complete all the required work, with full cooperation from the Captain and crew of My Seanna and Lauderdale Marine Center which allowed them 24/7 access to the vessel. The work was successfully completed by November 21st, one day ahead of the proposed deadline. Bad Company and My Seanna left in the same week ­– on schedule, and looking and running their absolute best.

“We believe that we have the best workforce in the industry, and it’s projects like this that really solidify that belief,” says EYS’s president Thomas McGowan, “Our guys knew what was expected of them and how crazy it was going to be, but they jumped on-board with the plan and executed it perfectly.”

LMC - Constantly Evolving

The previous 12 months have been incredibly eventful for us at LMC with many changes and upgrades to our facility. We’re proud of the work we’ve done to better serve our yachting community, and are excited for all of the continued upgrades that 2018 will bring.

In 2017 we made the following upgrades to better serve our customers:

  • New Lifts – The new river is now home to two new bright green boat lifts. In August, we introduced the yachting community to Brutus and The Beast. The brightly colored duo were assembled by the yard over the summer. Brutus, the smaller of the pair, has 220 tons of lifting capacity and can service boats up to 120′ LOA with 30′ beams. The larger lift, aptly named The Beast, has 485 tons of lifting capacity for boats up to 185′ LOA and 34.5′ beam. The shocking green paint scheme and graphics has made the pair uniquely recognizable.
  • Opening of Riverbend at LMCRiverbend at LMC is the newest addition to the LMC property and is now Fort Lauderdale’s newest and cleanest boat yard for vessels up to 80′ LOA. The newly renovated facility opened in October 2017 and features fresh concrete, new floating docks, and power upgrades. It features a 75 ton lift, and is perfect for use by the local boating community, or for the tenders to the larger vessels in the yard.
  • Reconfiguration of West Yard – We have reconfigured and re-powered the entire west working yard at LMC, and we now have an additional 17 spaces on the hard for vessels up to 120′ LOA.
  • Opening of the US’s first Marine Foreign Trade Zone – The FTZ at Lauderdale Marine Center offers great benefit to brokers and builders alike. For brokers, the designation allows foreign flagged vessels to be shown and demonstrated to US Citizens year round without the need for a boat show bond. For builders, foreign built vessels can be imported into the FTZ without the need to pay the standard 1.5% import tax, and they can be shown for sale to US Citizens year round.
  • Welcomed World Class New Tenants to LMC – Welcome to the following tenants who now call LMC home:

But why stop there? We have some exciting projects upcoming in 2018

  • Crew Gym – Construction is already well underway for our new Crew Gym. The gym will be accessible to all crew members, and features a wide array of equipment for use. We expect to have this project completed by February.
  • Dredging – We’ll begin dredging our marina in January, and when this project is completed by fall of 2018, we will have 12′ of depth throughout our entire facility.
  • West Dock Reconfiguration – While we’re at it with dredging, we will be reconfiguring our west dockage area. The area will transform into a marina for vessels from 80′ – 200′ LOA. The reconfiguration will include the installation of brand new floating docks and power upgrades throughout the marina.

2018 is sure to be another great year at LMC . Give us a visit – we look forward to seeing all of our “regulars” and meeting new friends in 2018.

America’s First Marine Foreign Trade Zone Opens at Lauderdale Marine Center

Secure U.S. Customs and Border Protection area offers numerous benefits for yachting business


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (June 9, 2017) Lauderdale Marine Center is pleased to announce the opening of the Americas’ first marine Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) at its facilities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Designation was received on June 7. Lauderdale Marine Center has slips available in the FTZ immediately with plans to expand as demand for space rises.

“Gaining designation as a marine Foreign Trade Zone makes sense for LMC as a world class facility catering to foreign vessels and crew. It will allow us to establish mutually beneficial business relationships with builders, brokers, and yacht management,” said Doug West, president of LMC. “We are excited to finally have established our designation, as this has been a culmination of efforts from the MIASF, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Immigration, industry experts and our internal team.”

The marine Foreign Trade Zone at Lauderdale Marine Center offers numerous benefits to the South Florida yachting industry.

Foreign-made new-builds can be brought into the FTZ without the need to pay the typical 1.5- percent import duty. These new builds can also be shown to prospective buyers from the FTZ.  Brokers benefit from the FTZ by now having a place to locally and legally show foreign-flagged vessels to U.S. buyers.  All boats in the FTZ can be shown for sale and demonstrated including sea trials.  Selling or showing foreign-flagged vessels to U.S. residents while in U.S. waters is not allowed outside of an FTZ due to regulations under the current cursing license policy.

Vessels can come and go as needed from the FTZ to accommodate owner trips or charters.

Additionally, new builds that have been brought into the U.S. within the past three years can use the FTZ to file for a refund on previously paid duties.

Major refit projects can also benefit from the FTZ. All parts imported can defer duties while the yacht is in the Zone.  Once the project is complete, the vessel may depart the U.S. without being required to pay duties or taxes.

The marine FTZ at Lauderdale Marine Center is expected to encourage business within the South Florida yachting industry with more brokers and builders keeping their inventory in the area.

About Lauderdale Marine Center

Located in Fort Lauderdale on the New River, visible from I-95 and close to Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, LMC is a 65-acre facility consisting of a boatyard, marina and marine service center providing a complete offering of marine-related repair and services.  Featuring 10,000 linear feet of dockage, it accommodates boats up to 200 feet with 22 covered sheds and 130 wet slips. The facility also has three marine travel lifts with haul-out capacity up to 300 tons with plans to increase to 500 tons by Fall 2017.  LMC’s business model includes leasing work space and commercial office space to approximately 60 on-site contractors providing various marine-related services such as fiberglass repair, electrical, painting, engine service, hydraulics, navigation and electronics, carpentry, mechanical, metal fabrication and welding.

For more information on Lauderdale Marine Center, please visit Like LMC on Facebook at /lauderdalemarinecenter, follow LMC on Twitter @lmcboatyard and on Instagram @lauderdalemarinecenter and subscribe to the LMC YouTube channel,

Farewell to 2016: A look forward into 2017

2016 brought a lot of positive change to Lauderdale Marine Center. We initiated a new Certified Contractors program, hired new key staff members, moved into our new office space, and exhibited at FLIBS for the very first time. We are looking forward to 2017 for more exciting changes and improvements.


New Yard Space – The development of the old Riverbend facility is ongoing. Old facilities have been demolished, new floating docks have arrived, and drainage is currently being installed. It may not look like much now, but the facility will eventually allow for 42 additional spaces on the hard and 43 in the water – All for boats under 80 feet. This will open space in the existing yard for our larger friends.

Upgrades to Lifts – We’re working on upgrading our 2 larger lifts. The 100 ton travelift will be traded in for a 220 ton. We’re also upgrading our 300 ton to a 500 ton travelift specifically designed for our yard.

Crew Amenities – We know yard time can be tough on captains and crew, so we are aiming to make your stay more comfortable with upgrades and additions to our amenities.

We are excited for what 2017 will bring, and look forward to seeing everyone next year!

How Lauderdale Marine Center Prepares for a Hurricane

Fort Lauderdale has seen hurricanes come and go over the years with none more serious than the next.  Here at Lauderdale Marine Center we take each one seriously and plan ahead. Hurricane Matthew recently activated our hurricane plan, which involves changes in service and evacuations of some clients.

During this time we were to help over 230 vessels, some as large as 190 feet, weather the storm unscathed. We secured all of the vessels with the focus on the clients’ well-being. Here is a little bit on how the process played out:


Starting Tuesday, we held two meetings a day with contractors and crew informing them of storm predications and possible impact to LMC. Two days prior to storm approaching we mandated the following:

  1. All tents built on scaffolding/floats in the water must be removed.  Actual metal scaffolding could stay up but must be secure (planking, framing etc.)
  2. All make-shift tents not shrink wrapped must be removed
  3. All loose items, ladders, deck chairs, misc. equipment must be secured with straps, line.


Also in the days leading up to Hurricane Matthew, we toured each tent to verify structural integrity and to prioritize those that needed repair or removal. A comprehensive cleanup of all yard areas was ongoing during this time.

Wednesday, we informed all contractors and crew that we would be moving through the yard and removing any loose items or trash, if not already completed. Photo and video documentation was completed throughout the process and the decision was made that the power would remain on.


Blue Water Warrior - "A Hero On the Hard"

In an industry where the mindset ‘bigger is better’ and luxury is a must, smaller vessels often get over looked. And even though she may not fall into the coveted “superyacht” category, this high power, completely custom, aluminum 37’ boat deserves some serious recognition. Built right here at Lauderdale Marine Center by Captain Andrew Grego, ‘Warrior’ is nothing shy of remarkable in both her unique, physical body and for whom she represents. Warrior is the vessel used by Blue Water Warriors, a nonprofit organization which give veterans who have been injured in the line of duty an opportunity to get out on the water and heal their souls.

“She started with a vision,” says Captain Andrew. “I wanted honor those who have fought for our freedom and have lost a little of theirs. This boat was designed in such a way that even those who are wheelchair bound have the ability to partake in activities that may otherwise have been off-limits to them due to their life-changing injuries. We give our vets the opportunity to get out on the water to cruise, fish, dive, snorkel and forget about, at least for a little while, their daily struggles.” To ensure these heroes and their families will be comfortable and safe while aboard, the following accommodations were made when she was built:

  • Deck-leveling boarding ramp adjustable to various dock configurations
  • Specially developed non-skid surfaces
  • Wheelchair accessible boarding without a hoist & locking mechanisms to secure chairs
  • Offset console for wider passageway
  • Storage for prosthetic limbs
  • Seakeeper Gyro stabilizer to minimize boat roll and increase stability
  • A custom lift that can be raised & lowered for water access
  • Deck-level, wheelchair accessible bathroom facility
  • Swing open transom & side doors

As impressive as she is, what makes Warrior even more special is all of the love that has gone into making her the beauty she is today. Electronics, paint and fairing, underwater lights, a generator, cleats, hinges and all of the fixes and fittings, as well as much of the labor has been generously donated by various companies and private sectors. Wanting to do our part to give back, Lauderdale Marine Center is donating a haul-out and laydays, so that Warrior can complete a full bottom job with as little cost to her as possible. Upon completion of the work, Warrior will return to the water to continue to serve those who have served for our country.

“My vision would not have been possible without the help and generosity of the South Florida Marine Industry,” remarks Captain Andrew. “I have to give credit to everyone who has helped make my Blue Water Warrior vision a reality: Karen Grego, Lauderdale Marine Center, Luu Marine, Boat Art, as well as all of the engineers, contractors, crew members & those who have donated monetarily; Warrior could not have been built without your help.”

As Warrior was set down on the hard awaiting her bottom job, Captain Andrew added, “It feels really good to be able to do something nice for others.”

If you would like to donate to this awesome organization, please visit their website at

warrior 1 warrior 2
warrior 3


On May 27th, Broadwater arrived at Lauderdale Marine Center to begin prepping for her refit. This 165’ Feadship is undergoing a complete interior renovation, as well as making numerous modifications to her exterior. On June 1st, the refit kicked off and to date, things are progressing nicely. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into a project of this magnitude and completion is not expected until mid-November. Several of LMC’s on-site partners as well as certified partners are involved with the refit, as there is plenty of work to go around.


Project Plans

Broadwater’s transformation is well underway with Drawings, Fabrication & Details, Inc. serving as the onboard project manager and Bill Pratley from Global Vessel Services representing the owner. The hull is currently being prepped by Y&D Yacht Refinishing and once ready, the exterior paint work will begin. The hull color is being changed from white to blue and a boot stripe will be added. Y&D will also refinish the window surrounds, mast & bridge deck aft. All Points Boats is responsible for both exterior and interior structural modifications, as well as pipe work. The interior design work is being done by Adam Voorhees who, at the owner’s request, is planning to create a more streamlined and open feel.


He’s drawn up plans which include adding an additional guest-room, opening up the bulkhead to make a coffee bar, a very impressive aluminum staircase and adding dining for 14 on the bridge aft deck.


Interior Systems Management is responsible for all of the interior carpentry work, while Alt, Breeding and Schwartz, as well as Premier are fabricating the interior cabinetry. Electronic Home Environments is doing all of the AV and IT work, while Sea Coast Fire is recertifying and upgrading the fire system. LMC’s High Seas Hydraulics will work on repairing Broadwater’s hydraulic issues and Elite Marine is busy rebuilding the entire air conditioning system and adding upgrades.

Patience Is a Virtue

As with all major refits, when there is so much work to be completed, patience is key. Noting all of progress that has been made so far and keeping the end in sight, we are excited to watch Broadwater’s transformation and even more eager to see the final outcome of the refit.

LMC’s Partners in Refit

  • All Points Boats
  • Drawings, Fabrication & Details, Inc.
  • High Seas Hydraulics


After 4 years on the hard at Lauderdale Marine Center, M/Y Never Enough’s owner, captain and crew members have eagerly anticipated her return to the water. After a complete refit with everything from exterior paint to teak decking, shafts, new engines, a fly bridge extension, an aft main deck modification, new generators and more, this 140’ Feadship has undergone a remarkable transformation from the inside out. The entire refit has been supervised by Captain Kim Sandell and along with her crew members and numerous LMC contractors and subcontractors, they have all worked tirelessly to ensure Never Enough would be ready to splash today.

“When this project first began, the owner had the option to either replace old, existing parts of the vessel or tear everything out and start new. Ultimately, that’s what he wanted to do. He loves his yacht and has no intention of selling. Plus, by rebuilding the foundation of the vessel, it’s a capital investment for him, extending the life of the yacht.  Replacing the engines, gearboxes, generators, navigation system, the main switchboard and power management system, he’ll now have the next 20+ years to enjoy aboard,” says Captain Kim. She also stated that the owner has been heavily involved in the entire refit process and has enjoyed visiting LMC to watch the transformation.

All Hands on Deck

Many of LMC’s contractors and subcontractors were present to watch the much anticipated launch of Never Enough. Some of the major projects she underwent include:

  • 12’ fly bridge extension completed by American Marine
  • New teak deck by Teak Decking Systems
  • New Caterpillars C32 Acert engines by Mendol USA
  • New John Deere generators
  • New Reintjes gearboxes
  • New mufflers by D’Angelo Exhaust
  • Aft main deck modification
  • New handrails by K & G Marine
  • New A/C by Cuge Marine
  • New shorepower convertor by Atlas Marine Systems
  • New alarm & monitoring systems by Night Watch Industries
  • New navigation communication system by Telemar Yachting
  • New shafts & alignment by DATUM RMS

LMC’s On-site Contractors used in the refit include:

  • Exterior paint by Luu Marine & Associates
  • New main switchboard & power management system by TESS Electrical

While the bulk of Never Enough’s refit has been completed on land, she will reside in the water at LMC a bit longer to complete the remainder of the project. Engineers and contractors still need to commission new machinery and continue installing additional electronics. But for now owner, captain and crew are all so happy to be back in the water. “It feels really good to get wet again,” says First Mate Bob Keino. “We’ve worked really hard to get the boat ready and it’s exciting to have the owner and his guests present for the launch.”

Why Lauderdale Marine Center Is the Best Marine Service Center in the Nation


Lauderdale Marine Center is the largest marine service center in the United States. With more than 60 onsite contractors and over 100 additional Certified Contractors, they have established themselves as a premier full-service yacht service and refit facility. Whether your vessel needs minor repairs or routine maintenance, Lauderdale Marine Center is the shipyard you can trust.

What LMC Has to Offer

The facility sits on more than 60-acres and is equipped to accommodate vessel from 40’ to 200’LOA. Far more than a marina, customers are encouraged to take advantage of the many other offerings, such as covered docks, over 100 out of water layday spaces and access to the finest marine contractors in South Florida.

The LMC Team gives customers the royal treatment they deserve by continuing to tailor their services to better meet their needs. At Lauderdale Marine Center, the staff goes the extra mile to ensure that your experience is world class.

LMC offers 24-hour security to ensure a safe and secure environment. Other amenities include a crew lounge, café, fee Wi-Fi and on site ship store.

A Premier Shipyard Where Customers Come First

LMC has established a professional code of conduct for all contractors designed to contribute to the overall customer experience. They also make every effort to keep the facility as clean and organized as possible to further contribute to a five-star customer experience.
Once you see and experience what LMC has to offer, you’ll see they are building a better shipyard. Browse the website and gallery to learn and see more of the facility. Remember, no matter what your docking needs are, Lauderdale Marine Center has you covered.